Application Fee: $160(membership); $300(non-membership)

The IPPA Academic Committee aims to evaluate and certify school/institution piano teachers who have professional performance level and rich teaching experience, and issue qualification certificates to teachers who have passed the examination.

  • Must pass the teacher certification examination organized by the International Piano Association (examination content)
  • Piano performance - upload two different styles of pieces
  • Piano pedagogy - upload a 15-minute teaching video without limitation in content
  • Piano literature - online examination on the official website
  • Educational psychology and theory of pedagogy - online examination on the official website

Instructions for IPPA Senior Certified Teacher

1.Complete the application and registration fee

2.Teaching demonstration
Applicants should upload no less than 15 minutes of piano teaching videos. Please choose one of the following as the teaching content:

Choose a piece by yourself and analyze it or teach it in lesson

Demonstrate how to resolve a technical problem in piano teaching

(Students can be invited to participate in the above content or teachers can demonstrate it independently)

3.Performance video
Applicants need to upload two performance videos (choose two pieces from different periods of Baroque period, classical period, romantic period and contemporary period).
The performance video should be uploaded to YouTube and Google drive, and the video link should be sent to the official email of IPPA

4.Piano pedagogy and piano literature
Applicants are required to complete an exam of piano pedagogy and piano literature provided by the IPPA. The exam will be sent to the applicant via email.

5.Grading rules

The IPPA Senior Teacher Certification will include teaching demonstrations (40% of the grade), performance videos (30% of the grade), piano pedagogy and piano literature (30% of the grade). The results will be classified into four levels, A, A-, B, B-. Applicants with a level of B or above will be considered to have passed the examination

The criteria of A level: Applicants should demonstrate high level of teaching ability and advanced teaching concepts in the teaching demonstration, and at the same time achieve the high level of playing (Czerny Op. 740, Beethoven Piano Sonata Op.2, No.1 or above), and get 90 points or above in the piano pedagogy and piano literature examination.

(Applicant will receive an additional opportunity to apply free of charge, which will be valid within one year.)

6.Exam results
IPPA will inform the applicant of the results of the examination by email in 20 days after the submission of the required materials.

7.Honorary teacher of IPPA
The IPPA International Piano Association will award the honorary teacher certificate to the applicants who get A level in the certified teacher examination every quarter. In addition, their resume and lectures will be presented on the IPPA website, Wechat official platform.

The final interpretation right of the Certified Teachers belongs to IPPA.