Dr. Alejandro Avila

Director, IPPA South America Division; Instructor of Keyboard Studies and Director of Accompaniment at Barton Community College

Dr. Hye-Jung Hong

Associate Professor of Piano at Missouri State University; Immediate Past- President for the Missouri Music Teachers Association.

Dr. Rosy Ge (Canada)

Canada Division Director, IPPA Conero International Piano Festival and Competition;
Editor, USMCE
Director, Illumine Star Academy

Dr. Scott McBride Smith

Cordelia Brown Murphy Professor of Piano Pedagogy, University of Kansas
Distinguished Professor, China Conservatory of Music

Dr. Wei-Han Su

Professor of Piano and Coordinator of the Keyboard Area at Missouri State University; Chappell Gold Medal, Royal College of Music

Enrico Elisi

Concert Pianist; Steinway Artist; Professor of Piano in Texas Christian University.

Felix Tao Chang

Piano Professor at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

Ivy Lu Wang

Lecturer in Piano Pedagogy, University of Kansas
Adjunct Piano Professor, Ottawa University
Artistic Director, International Piano Professionals Association

Lorenzo Di Bella

1st Prize and Gold Medal 'Horowitz' Int. Piano Competition - Kiev
Piano Professor 'Braga' Conservatory - Teramo
Artistic Director 'Mugellini Festival; Civitanova Classica Piano Festival;La Palma d'Oro' Int. Piano Competition

Mengoni Luca

IPPA Conero String Artist - Violinist

Mengyang Pan

Concert Pianist; Piano Professor, Royal College of Music (London); Imperial College Blyth Centre for Music

Scott McBride Smith

Cordelia Brown Murphy Professor of Piano Pedagogy, University of Kansas
Visiting Professor at Shanghai Normal University, Shenyang
Conservatory and the Sichuan Conservatory
President, International Institute for Young Musicians
President, Music Teachers National Association in the United States
Distinguished Professor in China Conservatory of Music

Sofya Gulyak

Concert Pianist; 1st Prize and the Princess Mary Gold Medal at Leeds International Piano Competition; Professor at Indiana University