IPPA Showcase Program


Check out all the past showcase performances: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7IXsyci2fcaSQ904dWS1tcJwyagb38Nf&si=Uj5OTwKA_SsUosQa

Program Mission: Present and share your musical talent with the world! We aim to provide an international platform for piano education for all piano teachers, parents, and students around the world, where they can perform, share, and learn from each other. Our goal is to show talented students and outstanding piano teachers to the world.

Showcase Format: The submitted performance videos will be shared on IPPA international media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Bilibili, WeChat articles, WeChat video, and Little Red Book.

Requirements: piano solo, one piece, a choice of your own, no time limit. (single movement from suite, sonata or whole set, can used as one piece)

IPPA Member’s Benefits:

Eligible IPPA member can submit up to 2 performance pieces each year without extra fees.

For non-IPPA Members: Submission Fee: $25/each video

Student Benefits:

All participants will receive an award based on their level and a certificate.


  • Outstanding Performance Award (The awardee’s performance video will be shared on IPPA’s international platforms: YouTube, Bilibili, Red Little Book, and WeChat. Moreover, IPPA will advertise for the awardee and their piano teacher). The Excellent Performance winners will automatically advance to the second round (semi-final) of the 2022 IPPA Conero International Piano Competition (application fees apply).
  • Notable Performance Award (The awardee’s performance video will be shared on IPPA’s international platforms: YouTube, Bilibili, and Little Red Book)

Teacher’s Benefits:

  1. Teachers of the awardees (both Outstanding and Notable) will receive the IPPA Outstanding Teacher Certificate.
  2. For teachers whose students win 3 Excellent Performance Awards within a calendar year, IPPA will invite the teacher to participate in an IPPA pedagogy forum featuring them as speaker. The teacher will also be invited to participate in the 2022 Conero Pedagogy Conference, and the Pedagogy Symposium, which will take place as part of the IPPA Conero International Piano Festival.
  3. Outstanding teachers will have the opportunity to be advertised on IPPA’s platforms.

Performance Recording Instructions:

  1. Please wear formal performance attire. Make sure the recording venue will have good lighting to ensure high video quality.
  2. Please make sure the audio quality is good; using a professional mic is highly encouraged. Make sure the sound syncs with the video.
  3. All performance must be memorized.
  4. Before starting your performance, please introduce yourself (English preferred), and make sure your entire body is visible in the frame.
  5. You may start performing after introducing yourself.
  6. Please film HORIZONTALLY (landscape format).
  7. Any type of video or audio editing is prohibited. It has to be done in one take, no pause or break in the video is allowed between movements.