Carol Liu

Pianist Carol Liu brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her students. Originally from China, she began her journey on the piano at the age of five under the tutelage of esteemed pianists, including Professor Fang Yi from the Harbin Conservatory of Music and Professor Ling Zhao from the Central Conservatory of Music.

After graduating from the Harbin Conservatory of Music with a degree in Piano Performance, Carol moved to Edmonton. Fueled by her lifelong passion for music, she established the Windermere Music Academy. Certified as a piano teacher by both the Royal Conservatory of Music and Music For Young Children, Carol’s dedication to excellence has earned her recognition, including the North American Steinway & Sons Top Teacher Award and the Outstanding Piano Teacher Award from the IPPA Conero International Piano Competition.

Carol’s teaching philosophy emphasizes nurturing confidence and igniting a passion for music in her students. She blends Eastern and Western teaching methods, tailoring her courses to each student’s interests and abilities. Throughout her career, Carol has guided her students to success in numerous piano competitions, including the Global International Music Competition, North American Virtuoso International Music Competition, Quebec International Music Competition, IPPA Conero International Piano Competition, and the Canadian International Music Competition.

With 32 years of experience in musical education, performance, and teaching, Carol is dedicated to supporting young musicians on their own journeys. She firmly believes in the lifelong advantages that music provides and is committed to sharing this gift with her students.