Cheng Yang

Ms. Yang Cheng, serves as the Artist Director of The IPPA Canada Piano Conference & Festival, Co-Director of the Canada Division of the IPPA Conero International Piano Competition, Chair of the Alberta International Young Artist Piano Association, and Founder of Ordersunshine Music and Art Studio.

With a wealth of experience encompassing both performance and pedagogy, Ms. Cheng holds the esteemed position of a registered teacher at Canada’s The Royal Conservatory of Music and China’s Central Conservatory of Music. As a highly qualified piano instructor, festival adjudicator, and concert pianist, she channels her passion and expertise towards teaching and volunteer work for non-profit organizations dedicated to supporting burgeoning young musicians from Alberta. This commitment enables them to showcase their musical prowess on a broader stage and partake in various competitions and music festivals, fostering opportunities for continued study with world-class teachers.

Ms. Cheng’s instructional approach extends beyond piano technique, as she places significant emphasis on cultivating stage performance skills, chamber music proficiency, and stage management team-building. This comprehensive approach ensures that her students not only excel in technical proficiency but also develop into well-rounded and versatile musicians.

Under Ms. Cheng’s guidance, her students have garnered notable success in prestigious competitions such as the Canada Steinway Piano Competition, Canada Music Competition, IPPA Conero International Piano Competition, Edmonton Music Festival, Alberta Music Festival, Shenzhen Piano Competition, Charleston International Music Competition, and various other esteemed national and international platforms.