Dr. Irene Margarete Setiawan

Born in Surabaya, Dr. Irene Margarete Setiawan has pursued her piano studies,
performances, and teaching abroad. She has performed as a soloist and collaborative
pianist in the US, Canada, Singapore, and Indonesia. Her achievements include winning
top prizes at the Sydney Performing Arts Challenge, UPH National Piano Competition,
UBC Concerto Competition, the Ruth Parnum King Memorial Prize, and Beatrice L.
Zack Prize in Music. She has also been a sought-after collaborative pianist and was
privileged to perform with the UBC President Prof. Dr. Santa Ono on many occasions
during her residency in Canada.
As an educator, Irene has given lessons in Indonesia, Singapore, and Vancouver
since 2005. She has enjoyed working with students of different levels, ages, and
nationalities and preparing them for successful concerts, festivals, and examinations.
She was also honored to join the faculty of the UBC School of Music as a Sessional
Lecturer in 2020. Her interest in music history has also led her to present several
lecture-recitals and presentations in Canada and the US, such as by St. John’s College
and BCRMTA (British Columbia Registered Music Teachers Association –
Vancouver/Burnaby), South Suburban and St. Paul Piano Teachers Association.
Irene is grateful for all the teachers who have invested in her, including Sara
Buechner, Corey Hamm, Thomas Hecht, and Marian Hahn, as well as Indonesian
pedagogues especially Sienny Debora and So Kim Wie. She also appreciates the
generous scholarships and awards she received during her undergraduate studies at the
Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, National University of Singapore, her graduate
studies (Master of Music and Doctor of Musical Arts) at the UBC School of Music, as
well as her summer course at the Chautauqua Music Festival.
Recently moving back to Surabaya, Irene seeks to contribute to the music
education scene in Indonesia by teaching, lecturing, adjudicating, and creating music
programs with other musicians.