Dr. Mingyi Gao

Dr. Mingyi Gao is a renowned pianist and educator who has made outstanding contributions to the world of music. With an impressive list of achievements that include numerous awards, performances, and recordings, Dr. Gao has gained international recognition for her exceptional talent and dedication as a Young Steinway Artist and member of the Steinway Hall of Fame.

Dr. Gao’s expressive style, emotional depth, and imaginative flair have earned her accolades and praise from prestigious music festivals worldwide, establishing her as one of the most accomplished pianists of her generation. Her repertoire is diverse, ranging from classical to contemporary, showcasing her versatility and mastery of the instrument.

In addition to her exceptional performance skills, Dr. Gao’s commitment to education has also made her a highly respected figure in the music community. Through her lectures, masterclasses, and recitals, she has nurtured future generations of pianists and produced numerous grand prize winners in national and international competitions. Her students’ acceptance into highly esteemed institutions such as Yale School of Music, Princeton University and others, is a testament to her exceptional teaching and mentorship skills.

Beyond her work in performance and education, Dr. Gao is an active member of various music organizations and competitions. She has also founded the M Music Group, a non-profit organization that hosts global music festivals and competitions. As a judge in prestigious international piano competitions, Dr. Gao showcases her expertise and contributions to the industry.

Dr. Gao’s exceptional talent, dedication, and contributions to the music industry have earned her a reputation as a highly respected and admired figure. As a Young Steinway Artist, her remarkable achievements and unwavering commitment to music make her a true elite in her field. Dr. Gao’s influence extends beyond her personal accomplishments, as she continues to inspire and nurture new generations of musicians