Fennia Trilestari

A 27-year-old Indonesian born pianist finished her Master degree with “1.0 mit Auszeichnung” (distinction with honor) majoring for both Piano and Harpsichord.

Fennia started her piano journey at the age of 4 with several Surabaya’s renowned piano teachers such as So Kim Wie, Fefe Thessa, etc. At the age of 15, she started with her piano major and learned the greatest piano technique under Prof. Ling Yuan of “Music School attached to the Central Conservatory of Music” in Beijing.

In 2012, Fennia went to Germany to broaden her knowledge of classical music. During her Bachelor and Master study, Fennia not only played Solo and Chamber music, but also accompanied by orchestra. She was chosen to play for several mayors of Germany and also took a lot of Masterclasses with world renowned Professors.

Since February 2020, Fennia has been back to Surabaya and keeps spreading her music passion through teaching, performing, and serves as an adjudicator in several competitions.