Helena Yue Hao

Helena Yue Hao is an accomplished concert pianist, accompanist and music educator. Her dynamic interpretations and virtuosic skill have taken her across North America and Asia, where she’s shared her music with audiences in San Francisco, Pittsburgh, New Jersey, Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, and Nanyang.

With an early start at the age of 4, Helena’s remarkable piano talent shone through, earning her recognition in youth competitions and the opportunity to perform across China. Helena achieved top honors nationally when she was admitted to the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, securing the first position in her professional entrance examination. She received Bachelor of Music in Music Education from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Continuing her academic journey, she pursued her graduate studies at the Carnegie Mellon University School of Music under Dr.Hanna Wu Li, earning a Master’s degree in Piano Performance and Piano Pedagogy Certificate.

Under the guidance of esteemed pianists and professors including Prof. Raymond Herbert, Dr. Hanna Li, and Prof. Vincent Lenti, Helena honed her craft and received high praise for her exceptional musicality and technique. Praised by Professor Herbert as a “marvelous musical and talented pianist,” Helena captivates audiences with her ability to evoke a wide range of emotions through her playing. She possesses a masterful command of various colors of sound and precise articulations, bringing depth and nuance to every piece.

Helena is not only a gifted performer but also a passionate educator. Devoted to nurturing the next generation of musicians, she imparts her knowledge and expertise to young pianists. Her teaching style emphasizes strong technique, providing a solid foundation upon which her students can flourish. Helena is passionate about helping students of all ages and levels reach their full musical potential. She is skilled at identifying each student’s unique strengths and talents and fostering their individual musical development. Her students have achieved outstanding success in competitions and exams. Helena is currently teaching in the San Francisco Bay Area.