Miriam Royg de D’Odorico(South America)

Piano professor, Director of the Conservatory of Music “Clave de Sol”


Piano professor. Director of the Conservatory of Music “Clave de Sol” in Asunción, Paraguay.

She was born in São Paulo, Brazil, where she began her musical studies at the age of 4.

She later traveled to Asunción, Paraguay, where she studied with Rosa Méreles de López, José Luis Miranda, Rosa Gorostiaga, César Medina, Carlos Schvartzmann. Later, she continued studying with the Austrian teacher Walther Neumann and the American teacher Jack Heidelberg. She was awarded a scholarship to study again in Brazil, at the Music School of Brasilia.

She participated in different master classes with teachers Miguel Proença, Berta Pane de Bramante Jáuregui, Roberto Bravo, Darío Ntaca, Roberto Caamaño, Juan Carlos Marín Massolo, Miguel Baselga, Luis Ascost, Filippo Gamba, Luca Chiantore among others. She participated in numerous concerts, contests and seminars in Argentina, Brazil, Spain and Paraguay.

In 1990 she founded the Conservatory of Music “Clave de Sol” in Asunción, Paraguay. One of the most recognized conservatories in Paraguay, standing out for her piano students.

She is a researcher in piano pedagogy and is entirely dedicated to music as a teacher, guiding children, youth and adults who stand out as pianist.

She regularly organizes different musical activities such as festivals, concerts, contests, workshops, seminars and master classes given by different international teachers.

She launched a series of 11 books for the study of Theory Musical.