Dr. Seonghyang Kim

Seonghyang Kim, born in South Korea, accomplished his bachelor’s degree in Music education and Piano Performance in South Korea and master’s degree in Piano performance from Professor Michael Salmirs at State University of New York at Binghamton. Under Dr. Jack Winerock at the University of Kansas, he earned a doctoral degree in piano performance and studied piano pedagogy from Dr. Scott Smith.

Seonghyang’s extraordinary sense of rubato technique, various colors of sound and wide dynamic range make his interpretation more “artistic”. His expressive playing in virtuosity makes audiences impressive. He also has been accompanying for voice, choir and instrumental ensemble including piano ensemble over 20 years. In South Korea, Seonghyang won in many competitions, he appeared and performed on the KBS (Korea Broadcasting System) Changwon, a radio channel FEBC, and performed at many concerts.

As he wrote his doctoral dissertation “Seymour Fink’s Mastering Piano Technique: Understanding Basic Technical Movements”, Seonghyang has huge interests in the piano pedagogy, particularly in the “how to avoid injury for pianists’. He usually focuses on improving piano technique without injury and he uses various pedagogical ideas for each student appropriately. Currently, he is a faculty at the California Arts University and teaches many young pianists who won many competitions such as IPPA Conero, SYMF, Piano League-Piano Star, IAPC, American Protege and AIPC.