Sergio Daniel Cuquejo López

He studied at the Republic of Peru School from school to high school, with the title of Accounting Assistant

He studied at the Universidad Católica Nuestra Señora de la Asunción (Our Lady of the Assumption) in Systems Analysis.

He studied Popular Piano with Professor Ricardo Orrego, then studied Classical Piano at the Conservatory of the Catholic University of Our Lady of the Assumption.

Harmony, Orchestration and Jazz Course with Professor Carlos Schvzartman, with the Berklee College of Music system.

In 1998 he took a Latin Jazz course in the city of Newark, Nj.

In 2000 he took the course of Contemporary Popular Music in Mexico City at the Fermatta Institute, with an emphasis in Music Production.

He has recorded more than 500 albums of popular music, folk music and classical music as a Music Producer, Arranger (Arranger) and Sound Engineer.

Artists with whom he has worked, Carlos Rivera, Armando Manzanero, José José, Kiko Cibrián, Carlos Macías, Samuel Nallar, Aroddy, Marcos Vidal, Rolando Chaparro, Adolfo Torres, Néstor Lo, Iván Zavala, Luis Szarán, H2o. Tierra Adentro, Menchi Barriocanal, Pablo Benegas, Andrea Valobra, Las Paraguayas, Luis Alvarez, Jorge Castro, Lizza Bogado, Berta Rojas, Luis Alfredo Diaz, Alfareros, Los Verduleros, Kchiporros, Parner, Enrique Hellmers, Victor Riveros, Ismael Ledesma, Lidia González, Dani Moreno, Mbaraka Trio, Cielito Fernandez, Ricardo Flecha, Uninorte Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra, Congress Symphony Orchestra, Joajul, David Portillo, Marijo Obregon,  Jose Gaona, Héctor Candia, Pablo Simón, Alejandro Simón y su Dinastía, Los Juniors, Jericho, Marychel, Fernando Ugarte, Jazmin Del Paraguay, Margarito de la Cruz, Alfareros, Fabián Ojeda, CFAMusic.

In 2000 he arranged for the Hosana 2000 Jubilee festival in Israel.

In 2006 he was hired by Telefuturo as Music Producer of Cantando por un sueño 1 and 2, Bailando por un sueño and the telenovelas Papa del Corazon, De Mil Amores, La Doña and countless television programs.

He worked as a Music Producer for the most awarded Paraguayan films in history, 7 Cajas and Los Buscares, in which he was also an Orchestra Director.

In 2010 he took a master class in Music Production and Film Scoring in Hollywood CA. With Marcus Miller and Marco Beltrammi.

He was the Conductor of the Bicentennial Celebrations with the Tenor Jorge Castro, and to this day its musical director.

He was Pianist and Arranger of Maestro Luis Álvarez, Paraguaype, 50 Años con la Música, Patricia Álvarez La Flauta Mágica, etc.

In 2015 he was in charge of preparing the arrangements for the Visit of Pope Francis to Paraguay.

He was Director of the Band that accompanied Enrique Llopis in his concert in Paraguay and later in Rosario, Argentina.

In 2017 he recorded with the National Symphony Orchestra the album La Musica Más Linda Del Mundo with several international artists, such as Ed Calle, Jorge Calandrelli, Pipi Piazzolla and Guillermo Vadala.

In 2018 he recorded at Abbey Road Studio in London, Pop in Guarani with Producer Enrique Hellmers.

In 2019 he recorded with the Nocheros and the Paraguayan Orchestra Corazón de Luna and obtained a nomination for the Gardel Awards for Best Folk Album.

In that year he was summoned by Tana Schembori and José Luis Ardissone to compose original music for the work El Hijo de La Novia.

He was Musical Director of the Show 80 Years of Remembrance of Ypacarai held at the Ignacio A. Pane Municipal Theater

He was also the Music Producer of the Echoes of a Guarania Campaign, with more than 30 artists singing Recuerdo de Ypacarai.

In 2020 he received the Latin Grammy nomination for Best Folk Album, with the group Tierra Adento.

In the same year he won Best Score (Best Original Score) for the film Matar A Un Muerto (Killing the dead).

Mixing Course with Engineer Edu Pereyra, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mixing Course with Chris Lord Algo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In 2021 he was in charge of recording the strings in Luis Miguel’s Netflix Series, Season 3, giving work to more than 20 Paraguayan musicians.

In the same year he worked for Kiko Cibrián in his last productions as String Director and Arranger. Artists such as Carlos Rivera, Diego Boneta, Jesús Adrián Romero, Marcos Vidal, José Napoleón, Reik, among others.

He was Music Producer of Jeporeka 1 and 2, organized by Berta Rojas with the support of Popi Spatocco.

In 2022 he launched the album La Música Más Linda Del Mundo 2 at the Centro Paraguayo Japones, to a full house with great international stars such as Ed Calle, Luis Salinas, Juan Salinas and Javier Lozano, together with the National Symphony Orchestra.

In 2022 he received 2 Latin Grammy nominations in the category of Best Christian Album in Spanish with the Artists Jesus Adrian Romero and Aroody.

Urban, Rock and Pop course, taught by Gustavo Borner, Federico Vindver and Orlando Vito.

The album La Música Mas Linda Vol 2 is nominated for Album of the Year at the PROPYA AWARDS

Mixing Course with Chris Lord Algo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In 2023 he recorded a tribute album to José Asunción Flores and Demetrio Ortiz at the famous Abbey Road London studio, for the first time Guaranás were performed in that place.

In November 2023 he won the Latin Grammy as Recording Engineer in the Best Christian Album in Spanish category with the Artist Marcos Vidal.

In November 2023 he was recognized for his career in the Chamber of Deputies and the Chamber of Senators of the Nation.

In January 2024 he was declared Beloved Son of the city of Asunción by Mayor Oscar Rodríguez.

In March 2024 he obtained the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Propya Awards of the SGP entity

He is currently the Artistic Director of the Ignacio A. Pane Municipal Theater.