Vivian (Yu Hang) Wu

Vivian (Yu Hang) Wu is an accomplished graduate of the Central Conservatory of Music where she majored in piano performance. Furthering her academic pursuits, she dedicated herself to the study of piano pedagogy at Beijing Normal University. As a private studio teacher and a distinguished registered teacher with the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM), Vivian has garnered acclaim for her commitment to excellence.

Since 2015, Vivian has guided a multitude of students to success in Royal Conservatory of Music examinations in both Toronto and Vancouver. With an impressive two-decade teaching tenure spanning across China and North America, she is highly regarded for her proficiency and unwavering dedication to nurturing musical talent.

Vivian’s instructional approach is marked by her ability to adeptly set individual learning goals and tailor plans to each student’s unique characteristics. She employs a comprehensive curriculum that seamlessly integrates theory, ear training, and sight playing into performance from the outset. Furthermore, Vivian serves as a mentor, guiding students in articulating and expressing emotions through their musical interpretations.

Recognized for her encouragement of active student participation in exams, competitions, and recitals, Vivian creates a dynamic and enriching learning environment. These qualities distinguish her as a highly esteemed judge in piano competitions.